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Ulku Logistics Helps Drive Dramatic Organic Search Growth for Calculator Website

tl;dr: +2 million organic visitors per month / +$1m in organic traffic value / +900k in organic keywords

In mid-2019, the marketing team at an online provider of free calculators for virtually any need at no cost to users realized that its search traffic was lagging. To combat the issue, the company turned to Ulku Logistics after interviewing multiple SEO firms.

Background on Client

The company was founded in 2013 as a simple online calculator that allowed visitors to add feet and inches, including fractions, with absolute accuracy. From that point, the website has grown substantially. Today, it offers access to calculators designed for virtually any need, from scientific and pharmaceutical research and development to home cooking. The client’s services are free to use and provide accurate, fast results. The organization’s goal is to simplify its users’ lives through easy-to-use, yet mathematically and scientifically accurate tools.

The Solution

The company faced a challenge that is not unique. Organic search traffic is a “make or break” consideration for any business with an online presence, but it can be an incredibly challenging hurdle to overcome. Ulku Logistics designed a solution based on Google’s best practices, years of in-depth experience, and a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm.

To address the client’s core challenge, Ulku Logistics:

  • Analyzed search queries and made recommendations about content required to answer those queries.

  • Helped client define the type of content best-suited to answer users’ search queries.

  • Edited client-produced content to perfectly align with Google’s algorithmic demands.

“There’s no black box or magic solution,” explained Caleb Ulku, founder and CEO of Ulku Logistics. “We use information from Google to plan a strategy on how to create websites that rank very well in organic searches.”

Ulku Logistics built a strategic solution to the company’s organic traffic problem based on in-depth data analysis stemming from actual Google search results involving queries related to the client’s offering. Based on those search results, the team at Ulku Logistics determined what content was necessary to outrank the current top results.

The Results

Within just four months, Ulku Logistics was able to almost double the company’s organic search traffic. Between September 2019 and December 2019, search traffic increased from 1.1 million monthly visitors to over 2 million monthly visitors.

Ulku Logistics also fostered a dramatic increase in traffic based on strategic keywords actually used in organic searches.

However, untargeted traffic is valueless. Ulku’s strategy also resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic value for the client.

Today, the company enjoys a dramatic increase in targeted, relevant search traffic and remains at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The company maintains a strong relationship with Ulku Logistics due to the results achieved, but also because of Ulku’s transparency in regard to how SEO actually works.

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