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What Makes Us Different? 

What separates Ulku Logistics from the rest of the SEO industry is that we approach each campaign and challenge like we’re scientists because, in a way, we are.  

We’ve had the opportunity to look under the hood of several different SEO companies, from those who work with the local landscaper to enterprise-level clients. Many of these companies, sparing only a few, tend to build up hype, tell their client “absolutely!” and throw links and content at it until things look “good enough.”

That’s not our job. You’re putting your site and your business in our hands; our job is to take care of it and make sure it’s optimized, healthy, and growing. We make data-driven decisions in everything we do, continually working with and testing different theories on our own sites, allowing us to learn new techniques and conduct tests. In the end, this flexibility and innovation helps us bring better solutions to the table.

A strong suit of our company is that we have three major divisions with their own focus. 

The first is client relations.  

We never forward you through a secretary or call center. You’ll be able to speak to us directly about anything, from your strategy goals, monthly reports, and on-site updates, to the current campaign path. 

The second is technical strategy.  

When we begin a campaign, the first three weeks is all about researching the best target keywords, your industry, the target market, and anything else that might be necessary to the individual campaign. To ensure your website is optimized, we run an advanced on-site analysis of your internal links, site structure, and content. In-depth technical issues off-site can also be handled with us.  

The third is content creation. 

All our content is created in-company and passes two phases of proofreading before being sent for client feedback. This content is optimized for keywords, length, and conversion. Content strategy is a large piece of the puzzle, and positioning your website as an authoritative figure in your industry is key to seeing optimal growth in both ranking and traffic.  
Above all, we are transparent and honest with our clients.  

The SEO industry can seem very “fly-by-night,” and everyone knows someone who has been burnt by a brand-new “digital marketing” company. We aim to alleviate that uncertainty by equipping our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their campaign.  

Whether you need to justify the cost on an ROI basis or you’re simply nervous about putting your website's health in the hands of another company, we do our best to ensure you have the most accurate data available. We send monthly reports to each of our clients, collaborate on the month ahead, provide current updates, and discuss how we can address new developments in your campaign. 

Caleb Ulku

Founder of Ulku Logistics and SEO Expert


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Caleb's journey to the Mississippi Gulf Coast came as a welcome transition. He attended The Cooper Union, a small prestigious university in New York City, which is ranked as the #1 regional college by US News and World Report, and has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard University. He earned a degree in Chemical Engineering, graduating in the top 10% of his class. Following his graduation in 2005, Caleb accepted a full-time position with the most respected company in the energy industry, ExxonMobil, and left New York City for Houston, Texas.


In Texas, Caleb's responsibilities at ExxonMobil grew quickly and he met Leena, the love of his life. After marrying the Mississippi Gulf Coast native in 2008, the two relocated to Chicago. While in Chicago working full-time at ExxonMobil’s Joliet Refinery, Caleb earned a graduate degree in Strategic and Operations Management from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the #1 ranked business school in the United States. Caleb thrived within his role at ExxonMobil as an economist, responsible for optimizing $8 billion per year in crude oil purchases and coordinating refinery operations. In this role, he received two prestigious awards for excellence in leadership.


Caleb, his wife, and their six-month old son relocated to Washington, DC in 2012 to ExxonMobil's downstream headquarters. At headquarters, Caleb moved into a strategic planning position where he successfully constructed business cases for multi-billion dollar investments and developed two regional pricing and industry outlooks. After spending a year in Washington, DC, Caleb and his family relocated back to Houston in 2013 where he accepted a position as a manager at the largest petrochemical facility in North America. He had eight direct reports responsible for allocating and optimizing $18 billion per year in petrochemical movements.


Caleb has publically spoken on ExxonMobil's behalf to students and faculty at The Cooper Union, the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He participated in a panel discussion at Booth and in an industry-wide meet and greet. He also spoke to an industry group of Midwest product terminal employees and explained refinery mechanics to a large group of high school students.


In 2015, Caleb, Leena, their son and one-month old daughter relocated to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, seeking an improved pace of life and more family time. Caleb founded Ulku Logistics, LLC based on a need he recognized. Many of the local small businesses were not focusing on their online presence, which is necessary in 2017. A modern website and effective search engine optimization can change business owners' lives by exploding their business.




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