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We understand what it’s like to try to get your company's message out there. You can’t rely on guesswork, and you need your investment to show a return.  


We amplify your PR team's message by using search engine optimization and managed content to place your message on top of Google's organic search results.

You might only care what your ranking is for specific search terms, or you may not give it any thought so long as you double your clicks, or triple your traffic. Maybe traffic isn't your goal with SEO - perhaps you want to plaster the first page of Google search results with articles about you and your message.

No matter what your goal is, we will sit down and collaborate with you on an individualized monthly strategy, making data-driven decisions every step of the way, from proposal to execution.  

We care about transparency and make it a goal of our own to help you learn about SEO, from good practices to how the algorithm ranks sites. Each month, we create a progress report to show where your site was, where it is now, and any relevant updates to your goals, collaborating on the month ahead.  
Each service is offered in the interest of making your business successful. This means that if we don’t think one of our services is a good investment, we’ll tell you. If we believe a service you’re not utilizing would be a good investment, we’ll let you know that too.  

In the end, it’s not our job to say “Yes” and throw solutions at a problem until it goes away.  
What is our job is to make data-driven decisions, backed with our knowledge and experience in the field, helping you achieve your goals. 

We approach all our services like scientists, continually testing new theories, conducting studies, and researching new methods. This allows us to innovate and bring new solutions to the table for every client. SEO is not a short endeavor, and it is not a one-time project. It is the bill that pays the bills, and we are dedicated to making decisions based on fact to ensure you get the best results.

In fact, we've found so much success with our data-driven method of amplifying PR messages, ranking companies in the search results, and running effective ad copy that the Huffington Post rated us as a top company set to revolutionize 2018. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps your website or PR campaign rank highly in search engines. Whether you’re looking to push articles, press releases, or new products to your audience, it needs to be seen. By discovering your target audience and what they’re searching for, we can help your internal messages rank, as well as 3rd party articles about your message. Your message is worthwhile, it just needs to be in front of the right people at the right times.

The first month is all about strategy and research. We research the best keywords, your industry, your target market, and anything else that is relevant to the campaign. On any site-focused campaign we run an advanced on-site audit of your website to ensure everything is optimized and up-to-date, providing any necessary feedback or content to implement. After that, we set everything in motion so you can begin seeing results.   

We collaborate with you, tailoring each campaign to your goals. Each month, you’ll be presented with a progress report showing your site’s starting and current stats, the path forward, and any necessary updates.  

Across-the-board strategies don’t work in business or technology. As the market changes, we adjust accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about becoming obsolete. 

Pay-Per-Click (Google AdWords)

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is an excellent method to drive additional traffic to your website. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly competitive. With dozens or even hundreds of companies after that ad space, Google has to show everyone round-robin.  

Many businesses pay for PPC and don’t get the results they want because their ads don’t match up to the next in line.  

Combined with our own research and effective ad content, we will develop and run stunning AdWords campaigns to top off your traffic and get your site yet another spot in the search results. After all, the more you show up on the first page, the more authoritative your business looks to users.


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Amplified PR

Every company has a message they want to get out. Perhaps you want more people to understand your stance on certain issues, learn more about how you’re making technological advances, or spread awareness of an important topic not many people are talking about.


Imagine the first page of Google search results plastered with your message. Not just from you, but other reputable, third-party websites as well.

Let’s use an example: if you were worried about the press you’re getting over a discussion on the working conditions in Chinese manufacturing factories, we would be able to advise you on setting up articles on a variety of prestigious online journals. We would then work to ensure these articles were all on the first page for a related search. Using this example, when someone searches for “Chinese manufacturing,” the first page of results would have your message all over it from a variety of online journals and news outlets.


This is how our Amplified PR service works. We collaborate with you to take the PR you already have in place and put it in front of your best audience, making sure they see the right message across a variety of credible sources, making your message that much more powerful

Managed Content

Content is one of the most important parts to optimizing your website, whether you’re going for topical relevance or keyword ranking. Google looks at content with its own sort of algorithm, determining if the 
content is valuable or not and what terms to rank it for. Beyond that, people need to feel that they are getting value from your content as well, or you may lose conversion.  

We manage your website’s content for you from start to finish, producing content that helps drive ranking for target keywords and topics. 

Our content is thorough enough that we often see major online publications linking to articles we produce, which helps boost both your rankings and your traffic. But, if you already have a content team we can work with them by providing topics and keywords that will enable your team to produce SEO-optimized content.

Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads)

Facebook Ads are a great way for businesses to interact with their audience. It tends to be much less competitive than Google AdWords and SEO. The downside is that Facebook users are often more engaged in chatting with friends, looking at photos of the classmate’s children, and checking in on important social events.  

Not many people feel inspired by a run-of-the-mill ad, which is why designing a successful Facebook ad requires you to both integrate with their social network, as well as interrupt users so they engage with your ad. 

We have seen remarkable results with carefully designed Facebook ads, and they work wonders to advertise products and services that people may not know about or be searching for.  

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