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Last weekend I went to New Orleans Jazz Fest for the first time. The weather was beautiful and Lyft offered reasonably priced rides to the fairgrounds - reasonable compared to competitors. One of the performances I enjoyed the most was a happy coincidence. I was in line to purchase a beverage and a jazz group started playing on a small stage nearby. The lead was definitely channeling Satchmo to great effect. Audience members were actually getting up and dancing in the aisles. I had heard rumors that people do things like that, but this was the first time I can verify that it does in fact happen!

A few members of the audience spontaneously danced as though they had routines prepared – though most were only a little better than how I would dance. I looked for the professional videographer they must surely be using to capture this moment, imagining what a professionally recorded video could do for their publicity. Unstaged videos of audience members dancing – at Jazz Fest! How could they not be recording this for future use?

But there was no videographer present. Perhaps this group has publicity opportunities like this so often, they don’t need to worry about advertising. Perhaps they were there purely to share the music they love. While these are certainly admirable stances, for a few hundred dollars, they could have cut a short video and used it to attract new fans to their music with some posts online. We know that videos have the highest engagement for social media posts and a quick scan of their page reveals no video content. Don’t let amazing opportunities like this pass by your business. Ulku Logistics can help you develop an online marketing plan and website to capitalize on publicity.

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