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Do You Want To Use Big Data Analytics to Drive Clients to Your Law Firm?

At Ulku Logistics, that’s exactly what we do. We have in-house proprietary software which pulls relevant big data for your location and niche. This helps us identify exactly who is ready to be a client of your law firm without the hassle of waiting for your online rankings to raise or for enough people to hear your radio ad. Forget dealing with advertising companies who want thousands to put your name up on a billboard only a fraction of people in your city will see at a time.

With our data analytics, we only target the audience who needs you right then, or who will need you soon, no matter what type of law you specialize in. We then carefully craft an ad designed just for that audience and put it right in front of them, so they never have to try to remember your name from a billboard they glanced at on their way home, or a radio ad they heard half of while they were on their way to pick up their kids. Your phone number will be right there, ready for them to call.

We start with  your existing, best clients. Our software can then go back in time to look at their online behaviors just before they became your client. We use that data to identify for people whose online behaviors demonstrate they're close to calling someone who offers your services. Then we advertise you firm to those prospective clients to ensure they call you instead of your competition. As more clients convert, we utilize a close loop analysis to further improve our software identification.

No matter what type of law you practice, we can find the people who are looking for your services. However you want to target your audience, we can break down the data and get clients walking in your door, giving you the competitive advantage against other law firms in your area. We don't compete with ourselves - meaning that we only work with one client in a given geography.

In fact, we’ve found so much success with our data-driven method of getting clients to step through the door that the Huffington Post rated Ulku Logistics as a top company set to revolutionize 2018.

Don’t rely on chance or happenstance to bring clients in – take steps to ensur they will come in. When you’re competing with other lawyers and attorneys, you don’t want to let them get their hands on big data analytics first. 

Give us a call today at 228-641-9955, or send an e-mail to We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Caleb Ulku

Founder of Ulku Logistics and SEO Expert


I founded Ulku Logistics, LLC. based on a need I recognized among law firms. Many were not focusing on their online presence and were instead relying on old-school marketing to find new clients (billboards, anyone?).


The problem with old-school marketing is that you (or your marketing people) are guessing who the right people are to send ads to. This creates a lot of wasted marketing dollars because most of the people who see your ad are not ready to be your client yet.


Using our proprietary technology, we know exactly who is ready to be your client – and send ads only to them. No more guessing and paying to advertise to everyone. Our ads are targeted only to people who have demonstrated internet behaviors that signal they’re ready to be your client. We know their name.


This technology combined with search engine optimization will rapidly expand your business opportunities and produce profitable sales leads that you cannot get from someone else.


☛ In fact, this technology is so disruptive for the geographic areas where we’ve used it, we were rated a top company set to revolutionize 2018 by the Huffington Post.


☛ The combination of ten years' experience in strategic planning for ExxonMobil, an MBA in Strategic and Operations Management from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, allows me to offer strategic insight into driving new, paying clients to your firm.

We can only work with one type of law firm in each geographic area. If you would like to discuss deploying this unfair advantage for your firm, let’s connect.


☛ Feel free to reach out directly at to talk about how we can help your client base grow today.

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